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Support Team


Merve Taşkın | Dietitian



Merve Taşkın is the dietitian of İstanbul Bariatrics. She started visiting our clinic while she was a university student at İstanbul Gelişim University, Faculty of Nutrition and Dietetics. After graduation, she joined the team to meet our patients' pre- and post-operative dietary needs. Ms. Taşkın successfully addresses each patient’s individual needs and monitors their long-term weight management programs.


Eldem Erdem | Psychologist 


Eldem Erdem is the psychologist of İstanbul Bariatrics. She holds a master’s degree in adult clinical psychology, where she is specialized in eating disorders and obesity. Ms. Erdem’s main responsibilities in the clinic include pre- and post-surgery assessment, evaluation and following up the psychological progress of patients. In specific cases, she provides long-term psychological counseling and treatment options for eating disorders.


Selma Zvizdic   |  General Manager


She has 18 years of experience as a senior manager at Johnson and Johnson. She speaks Serbo-Croat- Bosnian, English and Turkish fluently. She has been running the clinic since 2014, handling all pre- and post-operative processes as well as patient logistics.


Duygu Sancaklı  | Laboratory Technician


Duygu Sancaklı works as a laboratory technician and phlebotomist at İstanbul Bariatrics. Her extensive experience in the field enables patients' blood to be drawn in safe hygienic conditions. Ms. Sancaklı is also responsible for the follow-up procedures of gastroscopy and colonoscopy patients.


Canan Yüksel | Clinical Coordinator


Canan Yüksel has been working with Prof. Yerdel for more than a decade.  She is the assistant of the clinic’s surgeons, responsible for all kinds of secretarial duties.

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